About Us


Vision & Mission

At Tradeshow Logic, we are not bound by the way things have always been done; we are driven by how to do them better. We believe that an empowered team, with a common goal, can redefine an industry and enrich the experience of everyone that participates.

Our mission is to understand what our clients need — and to provide solutions faster, better and more cost effectively than anyone else. We strive to make events easier and more valuable for both organizers and participants.

The Things We Do

A list of eight things we do drives our culture and guides our actions:

  1. Do put our employees first.
  2. Do treat our industry partners like employees.
  3. Do #1 & #2 and our employees and industry partners will put our customers first.
  4. Do dare to be different. Debunk the “tradeshow myths.”
  5. Do seek to provide smart event solutions for our customers, employees and industry partners.
  6. Do use common sense.
  7. Do whatever it takes.
  8. Do believe.