Virtual Tradeshows — are they so “yesterday”?

December 24, 2014

B.J. Enright, President

The digital aspects of your event are even more critical today than they were five years ago.  By “digital aspects”, I mean all of the things that you do online in conjunction with your event — be it engaging your audience through social media, webinars, live broadcasts, or engaging with your exhibitors.  Every live event today has digital components.

The strategy behind how you implement all of these elements to extend your event 365 days a year can both grow your live event and enhance your existing event.

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I Failed As A Remote Audience Group Facilitator

January 31, 2014

B. J. Enright, Tradeshow Logic President

shutterstock_69310882-blog“Sure,” I said naively, when my co-presenters asked me to facilitate the Remote Audience Work Group.  ‘How hard could it be?’ After all, I’ve facilitated hundreds of in-person groups. I have facilitated Q & A sessions in chat rooms for webcasts. ‘Surely, it’s not a big leap to go from that to actually facilitating a remote audience in a group activity?!?!’ HA!

“Remember, there’s a 40 second delay when you speak to the Remote Audience,” said the Hybrid Facilitator over and over again, as if I had not heard her the first four times. ‘No problem, 40 seconds.  I’ll just have to be patient. True, not one of my best characteristics, but I can do it.’

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Is Your Exhibitor Retention Plan Aligned with the Times?

May 21, 2013

By Barbara Myers, CAE, Vice President of Professional Development at ISPE

(from Frost Miller Group Blog)

frost-miller-ceir-indexAssociations know it’s easier and less expensive to retain members than acquire new ones.  If you’re an association executive, chances are your organization evaluates and updates its membership retention strategy, minimally, on an annual basis.  Plans are developed to support these strategies that focus exclusively on existing members and include a variety of tactics designed to get members to renew.

Show organizers can learn a thing or two about retention from their association membership colleagues.  Many mistakenly approach exhibitor marketing with a “one size fits all” mentality for both new and existing exhibitors.  Exhibitor marketing plans include a number of campaigns and tactics without any thought to audience segmentation based on exhibiting status (current or new).  As a result, exhibit sales may remain flat or even begin to decline.

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