How We Do It



We conduct primary and secondary research to identify attendee and exhibitor needs and objectives. We review your communications and offerings, study survey results, and attend your event to observe attendee and exhibitor behavior.  We conduct phone interviews and facilitate focus groups and advisory committee meetings.  We do our homework.


Then, we translate our discovery findings into a 360-degree overview of your event. Our analysis will show you, in detail, what is working and what can be improved. We examine internal and external factors, determine your event’s strengths and weaknesses, and benchmark your show against competitors and industry leaders.  We identify the deltas that need to be bridged to maximize your event’s potential.

Solution Development

We facilitate event strategy sessions that help teams work across departmental lines, identify opportunities for improvement, and create solutions.

We share our observations. We consider industry trends and share these ideas with you. We know what is happening in the industry and what is working for our clients. We put our collective experience and knowledge to work for you.

We solicit feedback from your team on these points, and then we brainstorm solutions and prioritize improvement opportunities based on cost versus value. We create detailed plans and then put them into action. We help your team to implement the solutions—or, if you prefer, we can implement them for you.

Post Event Review

Post show, we conduct a thorough review and collect data and statistics to measure the success of the initiatives against objectives, all of which is included in a comprehensive post event report.   These findings create the foundation for continuous improvement.