What We Do

Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Sales


Exhibitors are demanding higher ROI and better service. Tradeshow Logic helps you satisfy these customer demands through sales programs and unparalleled customer support, which increases loyalty and greater spend per show.

Increase sales.

We employ research, interviews, and marketplace observation to understand what exhibitors want from their participation and how they measure success. Then, we develop and implement sales strategies to grow existing customer relationships and identify new customers and markets.

Deliver unparalleled service.

Tradeshow Logic fulfills your exhibitors’ needs from sales to floor logistics. We ensure that commitments made during the sales process are carried through to the service on the show floor. Our measure of success centers on re-signing an exhibitor year after year, so like you, we are highly vested in delivering exceptional show floor service.

Add team support.

For clients who prefer to handle space and sponsorship sales in-house, we can support your sales efforts, so that you can fully focus on building relationships and revenues.  We can provide: 

  • A Focus on New Sales:  Supplement your sales team with our sales experts, who can be solely focused on identifying and closing new sales.
  • Administrative Relief:  Allow our experienced exhibitor care team to provide administration and sponsorship fulfillment services, freeing your team to sell more.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Review Effectiveness of Current Programs and Campaigns
  • Set Sales Goals and Objectives
  • Research Key Business Sectors for Your Target Audience
  • Identify Qualified Prospects and Manage Prospect Database
  • Design and Manage Exhibit Floor Plan to Maximize Revenues and Engagement
  • Develop and Implement Effective Sales Strategies and Marketing Plans
  • Handle On-site Space Selection
  • Provide Detailed Reports which Track Sales Activity and Results