Who Test

BJ Enright, President and CEO

BJ’s contagious enthusiasm inspires us all to work harder and achieve more for our clients.


  • Recognizes opportunities that others fail to see.
  • Founded Tradeshow Logic to put her ideas for improving our industry to work.
  • Converts ideas to action.
  • Creates our company vision and culture.
  • Drives new business.
  • Trained Quality Action Team Facilitator.
  • Develops strategy for our customers.
  • Oversees the creation and execution of action plans.

30+ years industry experience
17 years at Tradeshow Logic

Prior experience:

  • Regional VP, Southeast, GES (responsible for over $85M in capital and operating budgets.)
  • General Manager, GES
  • VP Sales, The Aaron Group
  • Director of Sales, Andrews-Bartlett
  • Assisted behind the exhibitor care desk as a teen and collated exhibitor service kits as a child

Fun Fact:
Participated in Semester at Sea in college—which meant she took classes when the ship was at sea and visited Spain, Greece, Israel, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan when the ship was in port.

John Enright, Director of Exhibitor and Sponsorship Sales

We think of John as the voice of reason-probably because he’s so difficult to ruffle. He’s always got a plan and when the unforeseen occurs, he’s always got a solution.


  • Leads our exhibit space and sponsorship sales team.
  • Serves as primary liaison between you and our sales force.
  • Exceeds your sales goals.
  • Remains calm under pressure.
  • Gets the job done right and maintains a sense of humor.

14 years industry experience
14 years at Tradeshow Logic

Prior experience:

  • Taught school for 14 years total—ten of which spent teaching 8th grade. (Yes, that’s how he learned to stay so calm.)

Fun Fact:
Was a radio DJ in college.